Celestial Maps v. 10 is an accurate charting software mapping large, small and very small astronomical charts under five projections. It runs 20 astronomical catalogues, organized in three database categories.

Celestial Maps has been developed since 1992 by three Romanian professional astronomers and programmers now living in Canada, France and Romania. Reaching about 40,000 lines of code in version 10, it has been written in Turbo Pascal 6 & 7 (v. 1-5 for MSDOS) and Delphi 4 (v. 7-10 for Windows).

The following links include the brief description of the last five versions:

Celestial Maps v.5.0 (MS-DOS, 1996)
Celestial Maps v.7.0 (Windows, Spring 2000)
Celestial Maps v.8.0 (Windows, Fall 2000)
Celestial Maps v.9.0 (Windows, Spring 2002)

Celestial Maps v. 10 (Windows, 1 March 2005)

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